Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Liberty County Misdemeanor Lawyer Andy Nolen Has Your Back

Liberty County Misdemeanor LawyerIn reference to law breaking crimes a felony is the more severe of the two classifications given to offenses to identify the seriousness and consequential implications for breaking certain laws and regulations. Although a misdemeanor wrongdoing is a law breaking nonetheless, the United States federal government identifies a felony as a crime punishable by death or imprisonment over of one year. Persons found guilty of a felony in court are now called felons, a fairly unflattering label and the implications of getting classified as such are even more reason to avoid the downward spiral which having a felony will take on ones life.

Things that you may expect upon getting found guilty of a felony are problems gaining and sustaining work, possibly  having training licenses, permits, and certifications revoked pertaining to work related skills, and possibly having federal loans denied to you, thereby diminishing ones plans to pursue an education when their cases and sentencings wrap up. Basically being convicted of a felony can entirely destroy anyone’s plans of having a normal life and career as a whole.
Numerous cases come and go and many people simply end up victims of the corrupt legal system, believing that they can take better care of these cases on their own and working with court appointed lawyers in hope of receiving one of which is looking out for their best interest. Don’t risk on your future. Liberty County Misdemeanor Lawyer Andy Nolen has been handling felony cases in the state of Texas for 20 years. In that time he has taken care of over 4000 cases and had 100s of them dismissed. Don’t hesitate, just call today and speak to Liberty County Misdemeanor Lawyer Andy Nolen for a free consultation at 832-480-8951.  No time is a bad time when your future is on the line. Call now.

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